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Cocaine's contemporary disreputation lies behind the fact that this substance has been taken by people as a stimulant for a long period of time. Its features of a stimulant made people use it in several patent medicals and for soft drinks. The drug's ability to create addiction and users' desire to give much money for cocaine, have made the drug very popular. Criminal and violent cases connected with its transport and marketing, as well as some of its addicts' popularity propelled cocaine's occurrence in the news. Pure cocaine is a crystallized white powder taken from coca plant of South America. In its street form cocaine is cut or mixed with other ingredients to produce more quantity and therefore make the earnings of its marketers larger. Cocaine addicts commonly inhale the drug directly by the nose, wherefrom the substance is rapidly penetrated into blood. It also may be transferred to liquid condition and its smell can be inhaled via pipe; such technology is identified as "freebasing". This method is a usual technic of taking cocaine form named "crack". Crack is similar to little particles of rock and is commonly called so in the street. Freebasing is the most unsafe method of taking cocaine, due to the high dosages of drug it lets into the blood system. This concentration can lead cardiovascular system to danger. Sudden fatal cases are common for freebasing. Cocaine causes strong addiction, especially when used in form of crack. In researches, animals got used to cocaine and even preferred it to meals, despite of the fact of their starving. A lot of users claim that got addicted after the first usage. The addiction possesses both physical and psychological aspects.

Symptoms. Addicts commonly experience the feeling of being "high", or well-being sense, the feeling of additional energy and anxiety. These senses disappear quickly, commonly making the user feel depression even harder than before. This depressive mood often makes the user take more drug to reach the "normal" condition. With time the drug amount and its usage frequency necessary to reach "rush" condition needs to be increased. Depressive mood may become chronic. Cocaine users often switch to other substances to lessen the depression when cocaine can't be reached. Taken together cocaine and other drugs can possess even more harmful affect than when taken separately. No matter many individuals consider cocaine to increase performance in work, in studies, in sports or in sexual activity, it's a false consideration. Long-term addiction can cause irritability, memory loss, anxiety, energy loss, loss of sex interest, paranoia and loss of concentration. The control cocaine possesses on user's life can cause indifference to other life aspects. A user can pay for his addiction about thousands dollars per week. It's not easy to give up using cocaine. The duration and difficulty of this problem depends on person's features. Treating cocaine addiction can be expensive and a strong desire to take it can last for a long time.

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