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  • Ecstasy's influence on nervous system is depressive mood, sleep troubles, anxiety, paranoia while using drugs and some weeks after its usage, and confusion.
  • Scientists at The Johns Hopkins University revealed that 4 days of drug using can result in some organism dysfunction 6 or 7 years later.
  • Ecstasy is commonly enjoyed at night meetings, named "raves".
  • Brain imaging studies for people reveal that MDMA exposes the brain to some disorders, influencing nerve cells which connect with other nerve cells via chemical serotonin.
  • A lot of amphetamine and cocaine using consequences mentioned are common to the impacts MDMA users experience.
  • Nervous systems dysfunctions usual for ecstasy are depressive condition, sleep troubles, confusion, anxiety, paranoia while taking MDMA and rarely for weeks after taking it.
  • Ecstasy's physical influence on the body is muscle tension, teeth destruction, problems with vision, eyes moving rapidly, heat or freezing, and nausea.
  • Ecstasy contains ingredients, varying in accordance with location, commonly they are distinct from MDMA, beginning with caffeine and ending with dextromethorphan.
  • Emergency service studies claim that MDMA is taken by marijuana addict more often nowadays, the data reveal that marijuana mixing with MDMA increased from 8 in 1990 to 796 in 1999.
  • The amount of ecstasy pills confiscated by the Drug Enforcement Administration multiplied from 13,342 in 1996 to 949,257 in 2000.
  • MDMA is a substance forbidden to work out, store or sell in the United States by the US Schedule I of controlled substances.
  • Common dosages of ecstasy vary from 80 to 160 milligrams of MDMA if used orally.
  • When the drug is consumed by mouth, the affect is seen in 30-45 minutes.
  • German drug firm called Merck was the pioneer in America to produce and certify MDMA.
  • Memory tests undergone by healthy people and ecstasy addicts reveal that the first ones have better memory.

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