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GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyrate) is a component initially taken by body-builders for muscle growing. Recently it has gained popularity as a recreational substance among partygoers and club visitors. GHB is an artificially produced depressant for central nervous system.

This designed substance is commonly used in conjunction with other drugs, especially ecstasy. GHB is extracted from ingredient used to clear boards of electrical circuits. GHB is frequently produced in houses with formulas and sets, bought through the Internet.

How does the drug look like?
In the form of liquid GHB has no smell and clour but possesses a soapy or salty taste; but it's commonly mixed with liquids and impossible to detect. GHB can also take the condition of capsules or powder.

How is GHB taken?
In form of powder dosages are measured straightforwardly. The drug is commonly marketed in liquid form by doses in the streets. In form of liquid GHB is represented by a wide range of concentrations, where a dose is determined from several drops to a glass. In some places the drug is poured into water guns, so that addicts purchase it with the squirt. Other examples include selling candy, e.g. a lollipop, which has some GHB.

Who enjoys GHB?
Most of GHB addicts are young people. Most of them don't understand that the drug influences every individual differently and that dissemblance in the strength and purity of the dosage is equal to dissemblance between death and life. False information from the Web can cause additional problems. Many Internet-sources describe GHB as a rather inoffensive drug. The danger of addiction and fatal cases are not commonly overseen. GHB usage as a date-rape substance is not taken for verity, as considered to be media hype. GHB is usually popular among middle-class men of the age-range from 13 to 30. Actually there exist population and geographic differences for GHB usage. No matter some addicts consider this drug to be a healthy supply for body-builders or good sleep, or a club drug, posing no danger for overdosing or addiction, the consequences can be sad. The US law permits GHB use in the only case: for cataplexy treatment, when sleep dysfunction narcolepsy can lead muscles to strength losing. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration permitted GHB for use under the definition of Xyrem in July 2002, but established the most severe restrictions, implemented for amedicine.

Short Term Influence
When taken at low dosages GHB removes anxiety and helps to relax. In case of overdose the negative effects can be a reason of sleep or possible coma or even death. GHB is commonly manufactured in secret labs, that's why the drug's strength and purity is different from case to case. This is an additional difficulty for emergency services to get necessary information about GHB dose an individual consumed. Side effects of GHB are seizure-like actions, coma, respiratory problems, vomiting and death.

What's the reason of GHB danger?
GHB, commonly in conjunction with alcohol was connected to over 60 fatal cases from January 1992 to May 2001. Over 60% of these fatal cases are among people from the age range 20-29. Actually, the amount of fatal cases from GHB may be inexact as GHB presence in the body is not long and is not commonly checked for autopsy. The influence of GHB differs from person to person, and every individual experiences his particular effects. An insignificant addition to the dose can enhance negative drug's effects to a death level. High dosage of GHB can lead to body's inability to cope with the drug and thus to a corresponding effect.

Addiction and Withdrawal
Strong GHB addiction was detected to process daily usage of different GHB doses during a period from 2 months to 3 years, according to results of a retrospective research among eight addicts with long-lasting withdrawal characteristics when stopping continuous usage of GHB. Experts revealed that withdrawal symptoms initiated in 1 to 6 hours after taking the last dose and endured from 5 to 15 days. One patient died from heart problems on the 13 day.

Known withdrawal symptoms were the following:
  • strong anxiety, which required self-protection actions and calmative measures
  • hypertension and increased pulse (mild tachycardia)
  • neurologic affects, as well as disorder of consciousness
  • hallucinations
  • nausea, vomiting and diaphoresis (abnormal sweating)

What symptoms stand for GHB overdose?
GHB overdose symptoms are slow heart rate (bradycardia), nausea and weak consciousness.

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