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Ketamine is a substance popular and abused for hallucinogenic features. Its main usage lies in its appliance as a vet anesthetic, but in fact, it's permitted both for humans and animals. The drug abuse became popular when people have learnt about the effects it produces, which are similar to PCP. Due to drug's anesthetic features, sexual offenders, by reports, have used ketamine in order to make their potential victims insensible.

How does the drug look like?
Ketamine is commonly marketed as a odorless, uncolored liquid or in form of white powder.

Ketamine in powder.
Both in liquid and powder forms ketamine is usually added to drinks or smoking substances ad tobacco or marijuana. In form of powder the substance is sniffed or put into tablets, usually combined with other substances, for example MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymetham-phetamine, also called ecstasy). In form of liquid ketamine is consumed through intramuscular injections.

Who are common Ketamine abusers?
Young people and teens are the main ketamine abusers determined. According to reports of Drug Abuse Warning Network, people of the age range 12-25 were responsible for 74 percent of mentioned ketamine abuse cases in America in 2000. Ketamine abuse among college students are a subject of the greatest concern. About 3 percent of college students in America tried ketamine at least once during past year, as University of Michigan's Monitoring the Future Survey claims.

What risks do the addicts face?
Ketamine abuse may result in poor perception of sound and site, feeling of disconnection and inability to control oneself. Drug's usage can affect person's senses, coordination and judgement for about 24 hours after substance abuse despite of the fact that ketamine's hallucinogenic features are active only for 45-90 minutes. Ketamine abuse is connected with severe problems, physical and mental. Ketamine can be a reason of delirium, high blood pressure, depression, and problems with respiration which can lead to fatality. The additional potential risk connected with ketamine is that person who abuses the substance can be exposed to sexual offence. Sexual offenders have by reports applied ketamine to make their potential victims insensible, either filling victim's drink with a dose or offering the drug to her as a person who doesn't think what result it would produce on the organism.

What are common Ketamine names?
Ketamine is usually called K, cat valium, special K or vitamin K.

Is ketamine abuse illicit?
Yes, it's illicit to take ketamine. Ketamine is exposed to state control. For this very substance the value Schedule III is appointed according to the Controlled Substances Act. Schedule III substances, including anabolic steroids, and codeine have charateristics which are less dangerous than Schedule II or Schedule I drugs. In fact, abusing Schedule III drugs can result in psychological and physical addiction to the drug.

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