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Marijuana is an illegal drug which is taken popularly in America. Being a dried, granulated brown or green mixture of Cannabis sativa stems, leaves, flowers and seeds, it?s commonly smoked using a pipe, or in a cigarette. It?s also taken in the so-called blunts: common cigars, the contents of which is replaced by marijuana. The drug can also be mixed with meals or drunk as a tea. Hashish is a type of marijuana with higher concentration, it commonly looks like gluey black liquid. Cannabis smoke smells quite characteristic, and commonly has a sweet smell.

The basic chemical substance in marijuana is presented by THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Specific nerve cells membranes in human?s brain possess THC-sensitive protein receptors. Reaching these receptors, THC processes some reactions in cells, and as a result a person feels the satisfaction which is experienced after smoking the drug.

Short Term Effects. When a person smokes marijuana he feels its influence when the active component reaches the brain and during the following 1-3 hours. If the drug is taken with meals or drinks, the short-term influence begins later, commonly in half an hour or more and has a more continuous impact, about 4 hours. When smoking marijuana an individual lets more THC into his organism than when he mixes it with food or drinks.

When a couple of minutes after smoking marijuana passes the smoker's heart begins working more actively, bronchial passages receive relaxation, eye blood vessels expand, as a result the eyes are red.

When THC reaches the brain a person feels ?high? because the component influences brain?s section, which is responsible for detecting such stimulants as drinks and food. THC makes the brain reward system work by activating brain cells to work out dopamine.

Marijuana addict experiences pleasant mood, sounds and colors are more vivid, and the time goes by slowly. The addict?s mouth becomes dry, she or he can feel hunger or thirst.

Long Term Influence. People who take marijuana on a regular base may possess some troubles with respiration, the same as tobacco addicts, which are chronic cough and phlegm discharge, they?re exposed to hard chest diseases, high risk of lung illnesses and a higher exposure to obstructed respiration organs. Respiratory system cancer and lungs cancer can also be provided by smoking this drug. Marijuana also affects the memory badly, it appears so because THC changes the way addict?s brain receives information through hippocampus, brain section which cares responsibility for memory functioning.

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