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Rohypnol is a substance, being a benzodiazepine derivate. It can powerfully sedate and help relax muscles, and also possesses anxiolytic features. This drug is abused from time to time as a substance for date raping. In comparison with other benzodiazepines, rohypnol's medical influence includes relaxing muscles, sedation, anxiety reduction and convulsions prevention. In fact, rohypnol's sedation properties are about 7 to 10 times stronger than diazepam. The user experiences rohypnol effects 15-20 minutes after consuming, and the influence isn't weakened for about four to six hours. Some remaining affect can stay about 12 hours or even more after consumption. In America the substance hasn't received permission for medicinal usage by Food and Drug Administration, and is categorized as an illicit drug.

Sexual offence processed with drug's assistance. When taken in significant dosages, rohypnol is able to cause anterograde amnesia; users can't regain common events they have overcome being under drug's influence. This fact is especially convenient for sexual offenders, as they may use it when planning a sex assault, because the victim isn't capable to remember the act, the offender and the surrounding environment. It's hard to make a statistics of how many rapes with rohypnol usage have been processed. Commonly biological specimens are received from the victim when drug influence has no more effect and only remaining amounts are present in organism fluids. These remaining amounts are very difficult and even impossible to find with traditional screening tools. But if rohypnol usage has been detected urine specimens are to be given within 72 hours period after drug consumption and exposed to analytical tests possessing enough sensibility. The trouble is increased by amnesia experienced by the victim after drug consumption, as a result he/she doesn't remember the details of rape. This barrier may prevent the victim from coming to police and giving necessary biological specimens for testing. If an individual suspects that he has become a victim of a rape with rohypnol usage, he should overcome laboratory test for rohypnol abuse as soon as he can. Note that incapability to recall the events shouldn't be exactly connected with rohypnol, and it doesn't make drink drugging evident: even simple drunkenness may be a reason of sleepiness, reduction in inhibitions and blackouts. Only a screening test for rohypnol processed in time can prove the usage. It's a well-known fact that alcohol used alone is a good remedy for organizing a "date-rape".

Drug for recreation. Despite of the fact that rohypnol is very popular in America as a drug used for date-rapes, it's also taken for recreation. It's taken by college and high school students, club party visitors as well as cocaine and heroin addicts, naming rohypnol dosage a "roofie", for aims of recreation, as the following:

  • To receive deep intoxication (Kurt Cobain had systematically overdosed rohypnol mixed with alcohol some weeks before he died)
  • To increase the high, achieved by heroin, or lessen the sleeplessness or/and anxiety, connected with a withdrawal
  • To overcome negative effects, produced by stimulants (for example, paranoia, jitteriness, insomnia)
  • To mitigate the "crash", which is common when taking stimulants, e.g. methamphetamine and cocaine, regularly.
  • To increase sexual appetence and appetite.

Rohypnol is commonly taken orally, and usually mixed with alcohol. It is sometimes sniffed (it means, the pills are transferred into powder and inhaled). An alcohol variation of rohypnol was popular in some European countries, which is injected intramuscularly and possesses strong affect.

Negative effects. Rohypnol is thought be a benzodiazepine, causing very high addiction, as midazolam, alprazolam, triazolam, clonazolam, temazepam, nimetazepam, and lorazepam. Using this drug an addict will experience such negative effects, as:

  • Loss of motion control
  • drowsiness
  • Loss of coordination
  • Amnesia
  • unarticulated speech
  • Problems with stomach, which last for over 12 hours
  • Confusion
  • Problems with respiration when high dosages are taken

    Chronic usage of rohypnol may cause physical and psychological addiction and the occurance of withdrawal signs when the substance is given up. Rohypnol influences psychomotor and cognitive functions, producing impact on driving and time skills. Drug's implementation together with alcohol makes these affects possible and may result in toxicity.

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