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Steroids are a category of components sharing resemblant chemical structure. This wide category of chemicals contains a lot of normal ingredients present in the organism (e.g. cholesterol), hormones (e.g. sexual hormones and their derivates), vitamins (vitamin D), and medicines prescribed to treat amyctic (prednisone, hydrocortisone). Adrenal glands in human?s body produce a certain amount of steroid hormones, as corticosteroids, which are necessary for blood pressure maintaining, controlling sugar levels in blood, water and salt levels and other significant organism processes. Actually, when it comes for steroid usage by athletes, the wrong use of ?anabolic steroids? (produced drugs resembling with testosterone, male sex hormone) can be mentioned. Definition anabolic is referred to muscle-building features of the hormones. Anabolic steroids are officially permitted only by prescription, for curing diseases which lead to really low levels of testosterone, or for special permanent conditions, for example AIDS, which are connected with muscle mass losing. Bodybuilders, athletes and different people try anabolic steroids with the aim of increasing performance and physical smartness. Wrong usage of anabolic steroids is a dangerous job with strong and different negative effects. Some of most commonly known negative effects, obtained after steroid wrong use are:

  • high blood pressure
  • liver tumors,
  • severe acne,
  • increased LDL cholesterol levels,
  • decreased amounts of HDL cholesterol;
  • fluid retention, and
  • kidney tumors.

Mood variance, aggression and other psychological negative effects may also be a reason of anabolic steroids usage. Besides these side effects users can experience gender-specific impact. Men may be exposed to:

  • baldness,
  • infertility,
  • breast occurrence,
  • lessened sperm count,
  • testicular shrinking, and
  • an enhanced danger to gain prostate cancer.

Women using these steroids possess masculinizing or androgenic negative affects, which include:

  • ruder voice,
  • abnormalities with periods,
  • growth of hair on the face,
  • baldness similar to mens?

For young people who haven?t yet overcome traditional activity, characteristic for this period, anabolic steroid usage can become a reason of untimely mature of skeletal system, that means that teenagers who use steroids have a danger of be left with a low height for the rest of life. It's also possible for teens to acquire physiological addiction to the drug. Using steroids influences the functionality and secretion sample of adrenal glands, because these organs are a natural source of many steroid hormones. Taking this point into consideration, doctors always prescribe steroids in doses which are lessened with course duration to let the adrenal glands come back to their natural sample of secretion and function. The reason is that sudden steroids use stopping can cause withdrawal symptoms, unsafe for health and even sometimes killing.

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