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Fireman's Home Appeared the Reason of DEA Research Drug Operation

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This Friday in BOSTON officers prolong to examine a wiredrawn drug activity discovered in the Maine home of one Boston fire-fighting squad. According to NewsCenter 5's Lynn Jolicoeur statements the police apprehended $700,000 expense of marihuana weeds and planting arrangement at the Bridgton, Maine, the house of fireman Sean Berte, who foregone Saturday managing the investigation.

Berte's good-father, Michael S. Domenici, 60, of Rehoboth, Mass., was apprehended and accused with growing of marihuana.

Berte was working a displacement in Boston during the raid operation, was interrogated and discharged by federal Drug Enforcement Administration representatives. Maine public authorities registered Berte as a man of concernment in the drug investigation; nevertheless he stood aback the charges.

A barrister constituting Berte pointed Sunday his family is "worried" about the happening.

"From my personal point of view the administration is to take some steps to interact and produce ourselves at the convenient assemblage," pointed lawyer Philip Tracey Jr. Sunday.

Berte is ready to make the points concerning the problem at his Massachusetts apartment on Sunday. Fire board speaker Steve MacDonald persuaded expound about the investigation, pointing the matter that Berte ceases to be employed as a fireman.

"He is not in our staff any longer. His working skill will be put to the end...The police should examine the situation," pointed MacDonald. Berte, 31, was designated to scale 17 on Columbus Avenue till he backtracked. The fire board took him into service in 2001.

Police apprehended 131 marihuana weeds during investigation, the same as with agrochemicals and enrichment needed to breed the plants, following Bridgton Police Chief David Lyons.

"This activity was over structured, well-ordered," Lyons pointed. "This person had it assault to a science."

DEA agents were working with Bridgton police, consequently the examination directed them to Berte's house, Lyons pointed. For this year the situation happened to become the fourth significant drug operation in Bridgton.

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