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Sheriff Was Accused in Accusation on Marihuana Trafficking

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In ST. LOUIS (AP) ? public servants in a southern Illinois state point its shereef ? was accused with accusation on marihuana cross-border fraud ? will continue fulfilling its activity till he's condemned or demits. Federal employee captured Gallatin County Sheriff Raymond Martin the previous month at his cabinet on three points of marihuana spreading and two points of possessing a shotgun ? his assault weapon ? when smuggling weeds. On Tuesday a federal trial by the country in Benton, Ill., pointed Martin.

National Commission Prolocutor Randy Drone insisted Wednesday that Martin, as a supported civil servant, was constitutionally authorized to maintain his activity and gather his $40,440-a-year emolument "till he demits or is condemned."

A pastoral appeared with Martin's communal protector was not momentarily recovered.

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