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Guaymas, Mexico Kept away Nine Marijuana Suspects

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Frontier Patrol representatives from the Wellton article apprehended nine surmised "walking tour" contrabandists late the previous week and apprehended completely 300 pounds of marihuana.

As far as Border Patrol Spokesman Ben Vik is concern, on May 29 at around 2:20 a.m., radar set from a mobile observation formation discovered an assemblage of at any rate seven characters promenading in the neighborhood of 56E.

"They were situated close to Phillips Ranch Road, what is situated East of Aztec," Vik pointed. "That was quite famous road quite a long time. Nevertheless it brings some troubles."

Vik insisted representatives contented to the district, originally stemming three security suspect at the arena and rehabilitation seven bunch of marihuana.

"That will be rather troublesome and impressive direction," Vik pointed. "Around 60 miles as the crow arrives."

He pointed it supposedly captured the suspects approximately two days of going for a walk to have a journey to the spacing at which they were apprehended.

Servants kept a close watch on the residuary six surmised contrabandists, following Vik, and captured them subsequently the very same day in the certain common district.

On June 1, at around 5 p.m., the Yuma Earldom Narcotics Task Force was proclaimed to the U.S. Boundary Inspection Station in Wellton.

After realization an examination, the Yuma Earldom Narcotics Task Force apprehended full nine of the matters and apprehended the marihuana.

The marihuana had an approximated street denomination of $116,160. The nine cases were protocolled into the Yuma County Impoundment Headquarters on the charge of reshiping / import of marihuana for selling, dispossess of marihuana for selling and dispossess of marihuana.

Among apprehended there were Jesus Leon-Trellas, 33; Roberto Medina Arce, 37; 48; and Rafael Padilla Baeza, 35; Javier Medina Arce, 40; Jesus Javier Morales-Vasquez; Jose Angel, Ramirez-Molina, 30; Manuel Genaro Fuentes-Padilla, 42; 22; Ignacio Chaparro Ortiz, 29; Omar Alexander Esparaza-Canyedo.

All of them were "walking tour contrabandists," from Guaymas, Mexico.

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