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Steelers Holmes Was Accused with Marijuana Possession

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Pittsburgh denunciators have ceased a trivial offence marijuana accusation against Steelers broad recipient and Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes.

Wednesday Allegheny National Adjutant Regional Barrister Rachel Newman proclaimed the settlement at a tribunal audition.

Pittsburgh constabulary point they revealed three marihuana-wrapped wrappers ? or lintels ? in Holmes' vehicle after he was drawn over on Oct. 23. The reason of their actions was that they were investigating his car resembling to the one he was guiding. Holmes admonished officers to the weeds.

Holmes' lawyer predicated the revenue stop entrenched the football starlet's rights by the reason that the warrant to search wasn't particular considerably. Denunciator proved it.

The following question is reasonable whether he was satisfied with the sequence, Holmes pointed: "I'm fine."

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