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Berwyn Heights Provost's Retaliatory Step

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According to shereef's assistants provincial mayor apartment was investigated by Prince George's County, by the way in his turn he is going to pronounce his next steps in answer to a confirmation representatives of authority expressed concerning the happening.

Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo points he is going to organize a 1 p.m press conference Monday to negotiate concerning his projects.

Nevertheless, previous summer, assistants investigated Calvo's hose and murdered his dogs after drug contrabandists directed a parcel impregnated 32 pounds of marihuana to his inhabitancy. Consequently, officers released Calvo and his family from any kind delinquency.

The shereef's Intrinsic Affairs Division pointed in a challenge presented Friday that assistants operated correspondingly.

Calvo persuaded to accommodate specifications concerning his following actions, but reduplicated that regulation enforcement government organs have abandoned to affranchise basement and other references he has interceded.

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