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Children Were Some Hours in Danger

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Just disgusting happening occurred in NEW YORK (AP). It has appeared that a Brooklyn Day Care Center was turned to a drug shelter. Police officers shot dead a gun-toting man during a robbing attack in it. According to police statements this Saturday they discovered 10 pounds of marihuana and $100,000 by cash on the fundamental of the Customized Short Run Daycare.

As far as New York Police Representative Raymond Kelly is concern the day care center's proprietary has been apprehended, and her husband is in negotiations with outgiving. By the way the centrum's telephone rang without response Saturday, and officers didn't realize definitely if the two had barristers.

Police point children owned up for snooze when two persons forced an entrance approximately noon Friday, at that time a third man was controlling the situation outside as an observer. In the result of operation the police managed to shoot one of the men in the center; he's hospitalized in steady-state conditions. As luck would have it none of children were injured. Consequently, three suspects have been apprehended.

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