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Man Was Ravaged by Cash and $2,000 Expense of Marihuana.

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Sacrifice narrates specifications of Logan Square home encroachment Chicago officers were summoned to a Logan Square apartment morning Tuesday by a person who insisted he was ravaged by cash and $2,000 expense of marihuana.

"When we definitely are not fond of home encroachments, it is uncommon when someone assents to having pointed about a leakage of narcotics," pointed Chicago Police Capt. Marc Buslik.

Moreover the 30-year-old person, who resides on the 2400 block flat of West McLean Avenue, addressed to police approximately at 2:15 a.m. and insisted he had been slaughtered, fired off with a Taser and put in touch with tubular band, Buslik claimed.

According to man's words he heard a notorious rumble in his apartment and observed three persons who required narcotics and cash, which in his turn he man abdicated to present, Buslik added. In the result the sacrifice pointed the men stroked him over the head with what seemed to be a nightstick, put in touch him with tubular band and applied a pillow-case on his head, Buslik stated. A partner added observing a man running out of the apartment and reached a white Monte Carlo.

Among everything the man stated the gate-crashers captured $1,200 cash, a "brace ounces" of marihuana evaluated approximately at $2,000 and a mobile telephone.

Buslik added no indictments had been recorded against the person.

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