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15,000 Marihuana Plants, a Gun Saddlebag and Shells of Munitions Revealed in Sunol

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This week near Sunol Alameda District Sheriff's assistants revealed more than 15,000 marihuana weeds.

Representatives were suggested the 37000 apartment of Palomares Canyon Road Monday after getting innominate recommendations, pointed Lt. Kelly Miles. Moreover the territory was troublesome to reach, Miles pointed, nevertheless at a time representatives and the California Department of Justice managed it, they discovered 15,074 weeds in 15 separately wrapped units. It was estimated that the weeds were 3- to 6- feet high in growth.

As it was revealed for some time past there was used camp location at the emplacement, Miles pointed. Researchers discovered found a gun saddlebag, certain shells of munitions and moreover something uncommon for such cases ? primarily baby bottles.

It is possible to name it as the second wide-scale plantation discovered in Sunol. In previous month, representatives revealed 22,000 weeds close to Calaveras Road on San Francisco Water County establishment. That operation was the greatest marihuana disclosure in the office's history.

It's quite reasonable that the Sheriff's Board requests anybody with certain date to phone to Sgt. Shawn Peterson at 510-667-3633

? Sophia Kazmi

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