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Did you Hear Anything about Covers Marihuana Smuggling?

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Covers had serious difficulties with drugs appear to have interposed a well-known random for narcotics contrabandists attempting to receive their smuggle across the Rio Grande.

By the way a Mexican indigenous resident in Houston was apprehended by U.S. Customs and Boundary Maintenance Tuesday afternoon for attempting to ride a pickup with over $137,000 in marihuana with the help of an extra-national bridgework, on the authority of an office news handout. Personally Maria Luisa De La Garza, 46, was accused with one point of holding with intensification to promulgate and one point of confederation with intensification to promulgate marihuana, on the authority of national justice documentation.

CBP members point de la Garza was directed to accessory examination and it has appeared they having applied a consistence scanner device on the Ford F-150's attempting to disclose bosomed nucleus within the trucks. In the result two persons watching over the territory were immediately apprehended. Unfortunately one of them managed to break away. According to premeditated estimations of the representatives of authority the passage of narcotics is approximately $15 million.

Cisco quite easily discovered narcotics in the car and police precluded the tyres and revealed four metal secretions in each bar encased with above 137 pounds of marihuana, the preferment pointed. And there is even no case of the origin of the day, 420 Day is now determinately introduced in the marijuana subcultivation . The most prominent importance of this day, beyond the fact that it makes together people to commemorate the possession of marijuana, is that it's a day to investigate the feeling of the freedom - or the lack furthermore - to indulge in its use. There are no provements on the fact that it is a popular drug that is pleased by millions of Americans, it is still characterized as an illegitimate hypostasis. Amercements vary from the disgrace of capture to fines and even imprisonment.

In the result on Wednesday forenoon, De La Garza comes into sight before U.S. Magistrate arbitrator Felix Recio who appointed she be kept without money liabilities until a apprehension audition on August 6.

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