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Marihuana Weeds Verification Resulted in Woman's Despoliation

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The Kinston Board of national security is examine reclamations by a woman who pointed she was retained to a man?s establishment to observe his marihuana weeds, and then was ravaged at business end when she received there.

By the way the presumptive despoliation occurred at approximately 2 a.m. Tuesday. Moreover the 21-year-old female pointed constabulary Douglas Shackleford, 52, entitled to take her on to his establishment at 214 E. Washington St.

At a time she came to Shackleford's inhabitancy to get him up on the suggestion, she pointed two gun-toting persons appropriated her plug-in telephone.

"When police was observing it, they appeared in Mr. Shackleford home," Maj. Greg Thompson of the KDPS pointed. "By the way they required agreement seek through, he pointed yes, and the police disappeared and positioned certain marihuana weeds."

Examinant accused Shackleford with serious crime promotion and sustentation a habitation for the reason of marketing regulated extractives related to a 2-foot-tall house marihuana weed they discovered at his establishment. He was captured to Lenoir County prison in favour of $2,500 money liabilities.

Public servants are still examining the woman's despoliation reclamation.

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