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Public Servants Investigated a Sonoma County Marihuana Framework

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SANTA ROSA in California two persons are under distrainment after public servants investigated a Sonoma County marihuana framework with approximately 5,000 deliberate marijuana weeds.

By the way Sheriff's public servants evaluate the marihuana weeds, plus 30 pounds of cultivated narcotics, demonstrated a street price of $5.5 million.

Representatives also discovered a charged Remington 600 .308-caliber gun.

Executives encountered three persons, expected to be protection, who were teaseling at that time. Personally one of the men disappeared, and two were apprehended?20-year-old Rigo Tomas Soto and 27-year-old Tomas Soto Martinez. Two men are from Michoacan, Mexico, and are not permitted pledge for the reason of national immigration control organizes. They encounter prosecutions incorporating marihuana incubation and holding of marihuana with contemplation to spread.

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