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Daily Marihuana Smoking Was Normal in the NFL

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Quite interesting information was discovered by previous Lions receiver Charles Rogers who pointed consumed marihuana daily while participating in the NFL.

"I smoked constantly," Rogers pointed ESPN. "Nevertheless you realize that was illegal and was violating the law."

Then Rogers, the second ecumenical highest point in 2003 by Detroit who participated simply three periods in the ligature, also pointed that he was excessively possessing appropriation narcotics while playing in the NFL. As far as used-to-be Lions chief executive Matt Millen, at present an ESPN expert, pointed there was evident depression in Rogers' abilities when the receiver started his third period. It was difficult to say he was of the best; there were times when he seemed to be completely different.

By the way Rogers obtained a 30-day prison punishment previously this year for miscarrying a justice - commanded narcotics investigation. Being at the age of 28, he pointed he would prefer to investigate an NFL reversion. selected NFL commands concerning eventual concern in Rogers in June and revealed nobody who is ready to give him a shot.

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