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Marijuana Prohibitions Stimulates Interest

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While top U.S. and California public servants have recently signaled more lenience toward marijuana addicts , many local authorities are relying on U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency investitures to fund raids on pot growers. The miraculous thing about marijuana is its capability to addle the brains of people who don't possess it.Saying so may not be the most diplomat way to begin the debate Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger just pointed for on legalizing marijuana. But then I've wasted faith in that debate.

At least seven California counties, from Del Norte on the Oregon border to Riverside in the south, have accepted the use of grants -- several as high as $275,000 -- from the DEA's Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program. California's state and local districts here typically receive about a fourth of the program's annual budget, which is tens of millions of dollars, pointed DEA program manager Scott Hoernke. Allen St. Pierre, manager director of the marijuana-advocacy group NORML, said he isn't wonder-stricken counties are continuing to accept the money despite political shifts away from pot prohibition around the U.S. In current weeks, the state senates of New Hampshire and Rhode Island accepted bills legalizing medical pot.

For impressive time , my annual Red Ribbon Week rite was to point out - by marshalling defendant studies, science and general sense - that the war on marijuana has miscarried at a staggering cost. Pointing out the soaring hypocrisy of self-constituted Grover Norquists who decry big government ("Leave us alone") then reject Americans freedom of choice would just be additional of the feckless logic so deadly wasted on marijuana wowser .

Of course, there's a religious composite member to some conservatism. Meaning several marijuana morality is confession-based. How do you discuss with that?

Marijuana wowsers don't care. There is anything blocking their ability to process opposing frame of reference . They are not in a debate, though they'll go through the movements if you engage them.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder pointed in February that the federal administration would curb raids on medical-pot spreders . This week, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said "it's period for a debate" on legalizing health-improving pot use after a Field Poll revealed a majority of Californians, for the foremost time, support legalizing and taxing the drug. Then they'll laconically reject the best science in the macrocosm , which says unequivocally marijuana is safety , even medically beneficial. Facts don't count, sometime .

Neither does policy misfortune. If it did, I'd mention 85 percent of high school greybeardsurveyed pointed marijuana is "easy to get."

Lost of time, such data. Blowing billions gets important to marijuana prohibitionists. They are as discouraged by failure as they are exempt of fact.

There must be a purpose .

In 2005, I found a Nixon-era investigate that illuminated several of it.

The federal grants period to one of many contradictions encirclement pot policy in California. While pot is still illegal under federal law, state law has accepted medical possession since 1996. Regulation of medical-marijuana selling is left to cities and counties under a state law that allows just about any adult with a physician's note to obtain and use high-grade marijuana.

"It's a tiring-irons," pointed Liz Kniss, a supervisor in Santa Clara County, which supports identification cards to people whose doctors prescribe marijuana.

The Santa Clara County board of taskmaster last month unanimously approved a $110,000 federal pot-busting grant. Ms. Kniss, who maintain marijuana for medical purposes, pointed the sheriff in Santa Clara, which besieges the Silicon Valley, feels compulsory to break up big implanting operations to comply with federal law.

The federal interdiction "almost forces us to get the money" from the DEA, said David Cortese, one more Santa Clara supervisor, even though pot extirpation isn't one of his big priority measures .

"Many take the drug as fostering a counterculture, which conflicts with conduct moral precepts as well as with the functioning activities of our society," the report pointed .

In other words, rational drug politics is an afterthought; pot is a skirmish in the culture war. To discomfit it is to defeat the counterculture. Whiggism. Whatever.

Probably by remembering Carrie Nation, the moderation champion, "a bulldog running with at the feet of Jesus, barking at what he doesn't like."

Nation and her advocaters failed to anticipate the uncalculated consequences of Prohibition, the gain of a Tommy-gun-toting criminal class that rendered nullany evils of alcohol.

Today, however much , marijuana wowsers can see the ills they have wrought - the rise of narco-states, ominous cartels, the militarization of American police, the spoiling , the erosion of civil liberties, the racist, expanding prison gulag - poped on Stockton, in particular - but they don't care.

Keep marijuana policy out of the hands of prohibitionists. If the consequent society makes them more bothersome , well, I can recommend an herbal counterdepressant and relaxant. It'll mellow them right out.

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