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Should We Legalize Marijuana?

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Marijuana legalization has been a controversial subject for years but recent developments could change all of that. Wednesday, May 6, Gov. Schwarzenegger pointed that he is open to a common debate on the authorization and taxation of Marijuana. Following to, 56 percent of California suppoters support the idea of authorising marijuana for recreational possess and taxing its proceeds. Hopefully by next alternative we are able to support on the possible passing of suggestion that will make marijuana legal. Before momentarily accepting the authorization of marijuana, Schwarzenegger pointed , "I don't asume sit is time for that, but I realise it's time for a debate." This is the accurate way to go for many reasons . Even if these points only decriminalize the drug then that will rescue the state money by not keeping to commit to prison people with nonviolent wrongdoings.

Firs of all we should never let marijuana be legalized. By most state governments and ultimately the federal government during the first four decades of the previous century - and the answer cannot be revealed in expert medical evidence or any objective taxation of the costs and benefits of prohibiting marijuana. Majority western states treat Mexican-Americans as a beginning of marijuana spreading. The same as spoiled tabloid journalism brought the mite, as did Reefer Madness-like propaganda and legislative testimony.

As we may await marijuana became discernibly more popular after its interdiction than it ever was before. It was estimated that over one hundred million Americans have tried it, including the three most recent occupants of the Oval Office. Billions, probably tens of billions, of dollars are spent and gained underground on it each year. Not exclusive will the legalization of marijuana do lots of pot smokers happy, but that means people who actually necessary the drug for purposes will be able to obtain better and not have to bother about the stigma of doing something underthetable. "Medicinal marijuana for AIDS sufferings , for chemotherapy patients, etc. It is honestly a wonder drug without keeping terrible side effects," pointed J.P. Change (SJCC director of Student Health Services). "We can't besmirch the whole drug. ... There is no improved medication than medicinal weeds ." Marijuana is with all the trimmings described as the first, second or third most lucrative agricultural crop in many states. And taxpayers are obliged to spend billions of their own dollars each year in support of futile efforts to enforce an unenforceable prohibition.

It is as plain as a pikestaff marijuana interdiction is unique among American criminal laws. No other law is both constrained so extensively and abruptly yet constructive unnecessary by such a thoroughgoing portion of the populace. Police accepted approximately 800,000 arrests last year for usage of marijuana, characteristically tiny amounts. Despite of what happens with the authorisation of marijuana, it isn't going to stop the underthetable drug trafficking into the U.S. "If you realise of the times of prohibition and how people went around and got alcohol anyway, that is almost the same as marijuana," said Toni Moos (SJCC Medical Director). If marijuana was authorised then we could harness hemp which can be possessed for textile materials. Hemp can be turned into biomass which can be turned into gasoline and save us from using up precious fossil fuels. Meanwhile recent polls show that over 40% of Americans think that marijuana should be taxed and regulated like alcohol; and it's closer to 50% among Democrats, independents, adults under age 30, and voters in a growing number of western states.

This is an issue on which politicians can be counted on to follow, not lead, public opinion. But several at last are saying openly that legalizing marijuana necessities to be on the table. Even notwithstanding the initial legalization of marijuana would be contradictory , with time and proper laws it has the the certainty value to work out well in the end. "Given the point that alcohol is legal there are laws controlling its use meaning in periods of drunk driving and the safe legitimate limit, you can conceivable follow that same track with marijuana," Moos pointed . Marijuana is less injurious than alcohol for many purposes and as long as people use general sense and don't abuse it, authorization of marijuana could be in warehouse for the people of California in the not so remote future.

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