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A 42-year-old Bremerton Man Was Arrested for a Bag of Marijuana in his Hands while Sleeping

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As far as Bremerton Police satements are concern, a 42-year-old Bremerton man was captured into custody previously Saturday after an officer said the man was discovered with a bag of marijuana in his hand an another filled with other drugs in his lap. Following to an officer patrol work on a bicycle only after the witching time of night , he was said of a drug settlement orienting down in the parked lot at the 900 block of Callow Avenue.

Later officer's forthcoming he pointed the 42-year-old in a car with a "small satchel of green hydrophobe ," in hand, and a bag done of cloth on his lap. That man was noiseless sleeping. Then was the next : he woke up and rapidly situated the cloth bag below his seat and then pointed the officer: "I just possess this weeds ."

After arrest , the officer took a decision to examination the car, because it appeared to produce several points of marijuana usage . There was a cochleare , squirts , and small number of Ecstasy, cocaine and meth in the cloth bag.

The man was minuted into the Kitsap County prison on $50,000 bail.

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