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How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System?

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Cocaine, also called Crack, Coc, coke, snow, candy, toot or flake, is a highly addictive narcotic drug, which has a form of crystalline powder often mixed with flour, sugar, powdered milk, and is obtained from coco plant leaves. It has the similar effect as alcohol and works even in small doses, making you feel more relaxed. However, in large doses the reaction is different: increased heart rate and blood pressure, altered perception, anxiety, restlessness. Even a small dose can result in coma or even death. The combination of cocaine with other substances: alcohol, antidepressants ? multiplies the effect and makes it even more dangerous. Cocaine can either be taken orally or by means of smoking, snorting or making an injection into a vein, the effect is the same.

The time that cocaine stays in your system varies, depending on many factors: the consumed amount and its' quality, combination with other drugs, health condition, sex, age, the speed and peculiarities of one's metabolism, impeding the calculation of elimination time. Many people fail drug test as they underestimate the amount of time cocaine can stay in the human body. However, as a rule, the specialists in laboratories do not look for cocaine, which in fact can be gone already in 2-3 days, but for the metabolite ? byproduct of metabolism. When a person uses cocaine in any form, his body within metabolism process generates "benzoylecgonine", a byproduct that stays much longer than the drug itself ? up to 30 days. Cocaine is totally eliminated from your blood already in 72 hours and from your urine in 1-3 days. However, if you use the drug regularly, it might be present in you urine for 12 weeks.

Hair contains the cocaine toxins up to 90 days, although, some specialists claim the period of 25 years.

Drugs can remain in you system for a long time and a positive drug test result can become vital for you career and worsen relationships with your family. It is not uncommon when people are being sent to hospitals for a treatment or even face a trial. However, the progress in pharmacy and medicine gives you an incredible possibility to clean your body - Detoxifying Products or Detoxes. They are able to clean the major three system parts, where the toxins are being store: blood, urine and hair.

To be sure that cocaine detox is working, you can buy a small drug testing kit. Purchase Drug Detection Kit Here. This might be a possible way to keep from testing positive for cocaine. First you have to detoxify and afterwards use the drug test. After the drink it's expected to be negative.

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