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What is the difference between methamphetamine and cocaine?

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Methamphetamine is identified as a stimulant like other abused illicit substances, cocaine and amphetamine. Actually, methamphetamine, though resembling to amphetamine and dopamine (the neurotransmitter), isn't similar to cocaine. Despite of the fact that these drugs have resembling physiological and mental affects, they possess major distinctions in their methods of influence on nervous cells. In fact, the main symptom is that cocaine, like methamphetamine leads to dopamine (neurotransmitter) extraction, and the excess dopamine amount provides stimulating of euphoria feelings in the addict. If compared to cocaine, which is rapidly washed out and practically fully adopted by organism, methamphetamine's influence on the body is longer and its high concentration is left there. This leads to methamphetamine longer presence in brain, and, consequently, to longer stimulant impact.

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