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Quick Tabs are particularly made for quick body purification which is necessary when you?re going to pass a drug test. The pills are just used with water internally, and that?s all you need to feel the effect they produce.
- Effective in an hour
- Active for a period of 5 hours
- Reliable client support, almost ultimate satisfaction levels;
- Cash back warranty
- One pack for free

Directions: Use four pills supplied with 12 ounces of water before morning meals. Hold a 20 minute interval and consume three more pills with other 12 ounces of water. Hold a 20 minutes interval again, and use the rest of the pills with a glass of water. Pass urine frequently prior to registering your specimen.

For ultimate success: Stop consuming excessive water after taking the entire pack of Quick Tabs. Quick Tabs are specially dosed for a fixed quantity of water. Consuming more liquid than recommended increases a possibility of diluted specimen. You may use excessive water before taking Quick Tabs, still you should carefully measure the amount of liquid taken when you are finished with Quick Tabs. Abstain from using drugs at least 2 days before applying Quick Tabs.

Caution! This remedy is not recommended to pregnant or nursing women, or those who are exposed to specific health disorders. Long-term use may affect your health.

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