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What is Drug Test?

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A drug test is a process of taking biological substance from a person and further determining if this person has taken drugs with its help. The problem of drug test touches public attention much, there're many arguments on whether it's right to interfere in such a private matter.

General Information

There're two general kinds of drug tests. As for the first kind, most people are informed about it. It consists of taking some biological substance and giving it to the employer, enforcement officer, doctor or laboratory assistant. Usually they take urine, blood, saliva or hair as a substance. When the sample is taken, the laboratory receives it and makes analysis. These tests are accurate, hygienic and they provide a method of tests, used for different demographic groups. But there is, somehow, a dark side ? people often associate troubles with giving liquid samples (blood, urine) and the period of receiving analysis results are rather long ? 4 days. The second kind is on-site screens. They are done with a special cheap drug test kit, and the results are received on some minutes. But it's far easier to adulterate these results, for example, with saliva or oral drug tests. The on-site screens can be underpinned by additional laboratory analysis, and they are possible to be defended in court of law.