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Drug Testing in Schools

School regions, following employers, have decided to introduce drug-testing program. A lot of school-college representatives report statistics corresponding with school activity and security among drug addicts. Methods of drug testing are implemented to check students and to warn them from drug taking, that's why it has become widely popular with many schools and colleges.

Activists for drug testing in high school often address to statistics over the nation. The number of drug addicts among teens is gradually increasing with the years passing. Supporters in sake of necessary drug testing in schools are sure that such method can be efficient to prevent teens from taking drugs. The students will be afraid to get the ax or to be punished by their parents; that's why it may be a good remedy.

Some representatives want to implement necessary drug testing for all the students, but most drug tests are to face parents' permission. A lot of schools need some serious reasons for conducting a drug screening. If a professor notices that a pupil has come with glassy or red eyes, he can demand passing a drug test.

A common practice in comparison with mandatory drug screening is implementing drug tests for school sportsmen. Practically each school region requests a drug test for a student, who wants to take part in school competitions. This method is common in most schools because the statistics detects that male sportsmen from high school risk a great more to receive drug abuse. These proofs, including the risk of injury while the competition is conducted, have caused arguments on implementing drug tests among sportsmen.

Individuals, who protest drug testing in schools, say that it's violating students' privacy. Privacy lawyers consider that with necessary drug testing the potential for abuse comes. There were some accidents when a student was quickly searched for drugs and their presence was found in his private clothes. For such case students can be expelled from school or may be sent to drug rehabilitation centers to pass treatment. Often it happens that these pupils weren't suspected for bad behavior in school and weren't supposed as problem pupils. Despite of such accidents, a lot of school districts support implementing of drug tests. Theoretical statistics can't be a real proof, but most educational officials suggest that drug testing in high schools can prevent students from abusing or taking illicit substances.