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Amphetamine and Methamphetamine addiction affects

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Amphetamine or methamphetamine (no matter what form is used) significantly stimulates individual's central nervous system and leaves him experience its effect from some hours to a whole day. This substance possesses side effects, both mental and physical and produces long-term and short affects.

Cardiovascular methamphetamine influence
Crystal methamphetamine, amphetamine and methamphetamine usage and addiction can result in fastened heart rhythm, chest pain, heightened blood pressure and can become a reason of significant danger to brain's blood vessels. All the effects mentioned here can result in heart stroke, attack and can lead to death.

Influence methamphetamine produces on central nervous system
Methamphetamine, crystal meth and amphetamine usage and addiction can lead to appetite suppressing, increased anxiety and accelerated physical activeness. Despite of the fact that some individuals concern these effects to be acceptable and even positive, they are commonly exaggerated and can result in insomnia, irritability, paranoia, convulsions, hypothermia, aggression, continuous conversations and excited movements. Convulsions and hypothermia can cause individual's death.

Additional physical effects methamphetamine provides
Methamphetamine, crystal methamphetamine and amphetamine usage and addiction can lead to person's speech degradation, teeth fragileness, confusion, dizziness, respiratory problems, coordination loss, numbness or widened pupils.

Psychological effects methamphetamine possesses
Methamphetamine, crystal meth and amphetamine usage and addiction can lead to signs similar to various types of psychological diseases. Addicts commonly suffer from depression, panic behavior, paranoia, strong anger, auditory and visual hallucinations, obsessive behavior. Great number of people has been exposed to psychosis processed by amphetamine, which can be determined as paranoia, appearing after significant ingestions of amphetamines. When individuals overcome this mental condition, a lot of them commit suicide. Long-term affects produced by amphetamine are strong and can cause human's death. Brain diseases, liver diseases, kidney illnesses, malnutrition, blood clots and damaged immune system are included into great amount of side effects an individual can be exposed to.

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