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Medical marijuana's side effects

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The affect and intoxication, influencing the nervous system, result in slow reaction and coordination loss, lasting for several hours after taking. The influence makes car driving or activity with machines is dangerous, if an individual uses marijuana he should not process them after ingestion. THC and cannabinoids promote cardiovascular problems. Just after inhaling the user's heart is beating harder, blood vessels are widened and blood pressure lessens. This can result in feeling of strong heart-beating in several people and may lead to heart troubles in elder people.

Marijuana smoking is most commonly met, but, however, there exist other types of ingestion. Lungs are badly exposed if using this method. Marijuana plant contains lots of chemical components, and smoking the drug allows them to the lungs with wanted ones. Any smoke reduces the abilities of lungs' defense system. Lung's respiratory tract is covered with tissue, possessing small cilia, which are directed from the lungs to the nose and mouth. Their aim is to expel mucus, full of external toxins from the lungs to the nose and mouth, wherefrom it can be blown or swallowed. The cilia lose their initial functions because of smoking and the harmful substances in mucus aren't pushed out of the lungs. As a result smokers possess a high risk of chronic lung diseases, cancer and different infections.

Dangers, which pregnant women can experience if using marijuana are unheard. But actually, a research on monkeys shows that born cubs possess withdrawal symptoms if their mothers possessed THC in the organism at the moment of delivery.

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