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Post-incident Drug Testing

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Post-incident drug testing method is not widely used in comparison with others mentioned above, but the financial losses, faced by the businesses if not testing employees after the accidents make this method rather popular among different companies.

The main reason why employee passes this test is to protect the property of the company from paying for some misconceptions which can happen as a result of such an accident. If the drug is further detected in any amount during employee's work in the company, it can be subjected to pay this individual various compensations. The matter is worthwhile only if the employee has passed a saliva or blood drug test, because the urine and sweat-based tests can't detect previous drug intoxications. DUI test is also suitable for this case. Another case is when the employee comes to work influenced by alcohol or some other harmful substances. The main purpose of these tests is to protect company's liability, and they are only passed if there's a reason for.

Despite of the fact that saliva test is also used to detect toxins; blood testing is the only safe and accurate method to learn the exact results. The specimen should correspond with various requirements and sent to the laboratory immediately after being collected. Positive results can influence individual's position, but before any action is taken towards the employee, the matter must be followed by the results of the drug test. Most non-U.S. countries accept only urine and blood drug tests as applicable for testing individuals.