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The pre-employment drug test is a type of drug test which is widely spread among the companies. This kind of tests is the cheapest one, because every company has a duty to provide every employee with one specimen of testing device. Most of such tests are urine drug tests, which are rather easy to adulterate, this problem is much disputed by the legislation authorities. Some businesses invite a witness to the room where the sample is taken, but it's a problematic question of privacy and possibility to achieve no results because some people are confused to urinate in somebody's presence. This fact made companies restrain this technology of taking accurate results outside prisons and drug treatment organizations. But there're, however, some other methods to avoid adulterations. For example, they accept no water to the room where the sample is taken or if there's water in the toilet bowl, it's blue-colored to prevent dilution. Others make employees take off their coats and clothes and put on a gown.