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Super Quick Caps

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Super Quick Caps are an effective combination of herbal extracts (Uva Ursi leaf, Slippery Elm bark, Alfalfa leaf) as well as Creatine, Vitamin B, and Protein, applied for washing harmful substances away from the organism and kidneys in particular. Super Quick Caps are designed for immediate application on the test day, in order to provide urine purification. The pills are already effective in 45 minutes after intake, and their effect lasts for 5 hours, meaning you?ll be clean when tested for a whole range of medicines.
- Effective in 45 minutes
- The action lasts for 5 hours
- Ultimate client support, praised by the customers themselves
- A chance to get a free pack
- Producer?s cash back warranty

Directions: Use the entire pack of Super Quick Caps at a time, supplying it by 24 ounces (2 cups) of water. Hold an interval of 15 minutes and add it with 24 more ounces of water. Pass urine frequently and get prepared for registering the specimen in the following couple of hours. If your body mass is over the normal one for your height, or you use drugs on a regular basis, it?s better for you to use 32 ounces of water. Pass urine for several times, at least for two times, prior to registering the specimen.

For ultimate success: Don?t consume excessive water after taking the pack of Super Quick Caps. Super Quick Caps are specially measured to be supplied with a fixed quantity of water. Consuming more than recommended in instructions may make your specimen invalid. Excessive water intake is not forbidden before you use Super Quick Caps, but when the course is accomplished, water quantity should be carefully measured. Abstain from applying drugs at least two days before taking Super Quick Caps.

Caution: Pregnant or nursing women are not recommended to use the remedy, as well as those who are suffering from any health condition which requires attention. The remedy is not suggested for long-term application.

To make your body purified an healthy, and follow a gradual process of purification for reaching a success, use Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program

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