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Total Critical Cleaning Package

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Total Critical Cleaning Package

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Pre-employment drug-screens and random drug tests are pretty frequent nowadays. But the thing is that they can come unexpectedly and you never know what an employer can ask. Therefore you?d better be prepared.

The Total Critical Cleaning Package is a convenient and really prompt in action product. It is designed to help you with any test coming unexpectedly. Urine, saliva, and hair are all can be tested with the help of this pack. Besides, it allows you to test your urine for any standard drugs of abuse. The Total Critical Cleaning Package includes:

Blood: 1 Perma Clean

The dietary supplement included in the pack is intended to get rid of drug metabolites from your blood by improving liver function. The whole Perma Clean represents a 15-day program. Perhaps, you will not be able to complete the whole program, but at least you will do something instead of letting things drift.

Urine: 1 Super Quick Caps

Urine Detox Solution is a prompt and effective way to improve your urine results for a limited period of time.

Saliva: 1 Ultra Wash

An instant saliva mask proves effective for about 15-30 minutes after usage. This product can be a guarantee of your employment.

Hair: 2 Zydot Ultra Clean

This shampoo is intended to remove chemicals from your hair. It helps to get rid of both prescription and illicit drugs. Those individuals who have got long hair or a heavy usage history should use 2 packs of the shampoo. Individuals with short hair will find the product more effective if used twice. The shampoo gives permanent result but hair grows therefore making this result temporary. Thus, it is recommended to use the product on the day when you have a test.

Self-Test: 1 Five Panel Home Test Kit

The multi parameter test kit is also included into the package. It is intended for screening for amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and THC at the standard federal drugs of abuse screening levels.

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